Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Welleslley Head Coach Glen Magpiong's Tour2Cure ALS Ride

Hoop Crew, LLC is proud to sponsor the Tour2Cure ALS Ride conducted by Wellesley (MA) boys varsity basketball coach, Glen Magpiong.

What is Tour2Cure?

I decided to call our ride the "Tour 2 Cure" and I have teamed up with Hoop Crew (Coach Seaver's son Paul is a principle in the company) and TCG, who have graciously offered to help pay for our custom "Tour 2 Cure" cycling gear. The hope is that the more visibility we have across the country, the closer we will be to finding a cure. All of the donated funds will go to ALS TDI, the #1 non-profit biotechnology organization dedicated to developing treatments for ALS.                        

                                          - Glen Magpiong

Wellesley varsity boys basketball coach Glen Magpiong will be biking from St. Augustine, Florida to San Clemente, California, starting on April 23rd in memory of Paul "Wally" Seaver to support the fight against ALS.

To learn more about Coach Magpiong's Tour2Cure ride and to donate to his efforts to raise money and awareness for ALS research, please visit:

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